What You Get:

Live Reads Workshop

You'll learn how to identify tells, "fake tells" and all about the little tricks that have a great impact on your game.

Live Poker Mindset Training

The "Live Poker Mindset" is the the biggest difference between the High Rollers and the Super High Rollers.

We will close this gap for you.

Exploits Of The Year

My analyses and observation of the population tendencies right now and how we can take advantage of that.

Finding NEW Exploits Using Pio­SOLVER

My PioSOLVER training course will teach you GTO, but more importantly, you'll learn how to find your opponent's leaks, and exactly how to punish them.

Concepts Clarification

I will solidify your knowledge of calling frequencies, over-bets, and ICM dynamics and other commonly misunderstood concepts.

Proprietary Data Access
Access to my Google Cloud PIO files and very data rich sheets included.

The Sunday Grind

We will put all of this work into practice right away on the Sunday of the seminar. 

Accommodation is included.


WHATEVER you want to know!

No secrets; no bullshit.

I want you to succeed, long-term, in an ever-changing environment.

You can implement what you learn immediately at EPT Malta, directly following the seminar.